Claris Virot

  • Origin: フランス
  • Since: 2014
  • Founded by : Claris Virot

Why we love it ?

Claris Virot is a breathe of fresh air on the Parisian luxury accessory sphere! By creating her own brand of leather goods, she put on the front line an exceptional exotic leather, python, and gives life to a dream.

This dream, she realizes it thanks to an original path, since she spent most of her childhood in large hotels that her father takes care of and later in major fashion companies where she discovers a taste exacerbated by luxury and fine materials, and especially traveling. Ingredients that, when combined together, results in the creation of this chic, typically Parisian, full of style and character brand. By partnering with an internet entrepreneur, Jean-Christophe Ankaoua, she puts the last stone of a beautiful brand that allows her to offer her pieces to contemporary women who share her taste for elegant audacity.
< br> The strong accessory being its major credo, she designs refined, simple in their shapes and structures pieces but still decorated with this little eccentricity sparks that carries the precious skin.

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